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This folding little truck camper has floor to ceiling windows! meet lagom

You may have heard of the glass house on the hill – what about the glass house on wheels? That’s what Colorado overland builder Rossmonster delivers in its latest small truck camper.

The Lagom Series’s folding shell gives you full access to your truck bed (and the space above it). and its four-season shelter Promises floor-to-ceiling views.

Oh yeah – it’s also comparatively cheap and addresses a major car camping demographic that may be overlooked.

The Lagom’s hardshell design with aluminum components helps it fold into a low profile. It addresses a product segment that RosMonster’s previous designs omitted: small trucks.

The Bada Baja is the brand’s flagship overland rig, based on large trucks, with a starting price of $175k. But the company changed its tune when it identified a “big demand” for simple and small truck camper Which can fit on-ton trucks like the Tacoma and Gladiator, along with a lower price tag.

The Lagom Series aims to fill the gap. Its three options are more compact, rudimentary and far less expensive than the rest of the brand’s camper and van lineup.

Lagom Camper keeps it simple

Per Rossmonster, lagom is a Swedish concept meaning “just the right amount.” As such, the namesake truck camper features are tight and original.

MSRP $14,000 The base model comes with a full-size mattress, window covers, and upholstered wall panels.

small truck camper lagom series

Spend $3,000 more, and you get the slightly more posh Base Plus. These include dimmable LED canopy lights, a Maxxair fan, Yeti 1500 Goal Zero power system with AC and DC plugs and a solar system with a capacity of up to 200 watts.

You can add the Expedition Package to either Base or Base Plus for $4,000. Along with that, you get a ladder, custom MOLLE panels for organized living, roof rails for storage and an LED light bar.

small truck camper lagom series

Anyone digging into truck camper options can relate to the struggle of finding (or filling) bed space. With smaller pickups, storage space can be precious. The Rossmönster Lagom Series can help you leave your cargo options open and provide you with the convenience of a well-organized shelter.

According to Rossmonster, you can uninstall the glass or floor to get even more fresh air or cargo space.

small truck camper lagom series

“One of the most exciting parts of our job is that we get to create products inspired by the rigs that our team dreams of, simply because they are something we want to use ourselves,” says Ross Williamson, Owner and co-founder of Rossmonster Overland.

“The Lagom Series is particularly exciting to me because I love the functionality. The Lagom is not only a sweet adventure rig, but it still has the full utility of a daily driver w/ a truck bed.”

small truck camper lagom series

price and availability

The Lagom Series will be available soon. To reserve one for delivery in Fall 2022, lock in your spot with a $500 deposit Rossmonster Overland website, A team member will take it from there, making sure your truck will work with the system and fielding any questions.

Current compatibility includes some Toyota Tacomas, Ford F150s and Jeep Gladiators. Builds for more trucks, the company said, are in the works. Installation will take place at its Longmont, Colo., facility or via shipping and self-install options.

Lastly, if you’re not ready to drop the cash or if you’re on a shorter adventure timeline, you can also rent a lagom. Rossmonster. check for rental page for more information.

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